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Northwood School is an internationally recognized boarding and day school, pairing rich academics with elite sports to form confident, globally-minded students. Situated in the world-renowned Olympic destination of Lake Placid, our campus is home to 184 students from every region of the United States and over 25 countries, who are eager to experience the location’s unique offerings. Northwood students bring with them rich perspectives and graduate with the passion and know-how to immerse themselves in our ever-changing world.

At Northwood, we put students at the heart of “place” – natural, local, and global. The Olympic village spirit of building a peaceful world through mutual understanding, friendship, and sports is intrinsic to the Northwood ethos. We too are committed to motivating the youth of the world to realize their potential, and we believe that students learn best through hands-on exploration and inquiry. Amidst the extraordinary beauty of the Adirondacks and at the center of a bustling community, our students engage in the active pursuit of knowledge and partner with local public institutions to solve some of the world’s most complex problems.

Through our program, students acquire the muscles – resilience, independent thinking, and innovation – to continue their academic and athletic careers at some of the most selective colleges and universities in the world, and to lead lives of consequence.

Welcome to Northwood School

Private School Education and World-Class Athletics in the
World-Renowned Destination of Lake Placid, New York

In this ebook, you'll learn more about:

  • The Northwood Campus
  • Adirondack Park
  • Lake Placid, a Year-Round, World-Class Destination
  • Safety and Security at Northwood
  • Academic Philosophy and Curriculum
  • Elite Athletics and Co-Curricular Options
  •  Saranac Lake and The Dance Sanctuary
  • Nearby Towns and Places of Interest